About us

The Company

Creazione Legno was founded in 2011, by people working in the wood industry for more than 20 years. The premises are in Kostandovo, a village in the heart of the Rodop Mountains; the area is the cluster of Bulgarian furniture manufacturers, and all the raw materials come from local forests. The management is Italian, and has been working in Bulgaria since 1991.

Every step of the production process is performed in our premises: selection and drying of raw materials, cutting and assembly of slates, finishing and printing of the final products. The direct management of each single step allows a tight control of the entire process, granting the best output quality.

Creazione Legno’s team consists of 40 collaborators employed in the production process in Bulgaria. The commercial headquarters is in Italy, and is fully available for advising customers in the choice of the best product to suit their needs, and in providing efficient and prompt after-sales service.

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